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Papaya Leaf Health Benefits: Not Just for Dengue and Platelets! This Medicinal Leaf Has Other Uses

Papaya leaf (Photo Credits: Max Pixel) The thought of papaya juice won’t exactly make your mouth water. Yet, it can save your life in more ways than one. The only time the juice is mentioned is in the context of dengue fever, where patients are made to drink papaya leaf juice in a bid to… Read More »

Monsoon 2019 Special: 5 Waterfalls Near Mumbai That You Should Visit to Make Most of this Rainy Season!

Waterfalls around Mumbai (Photo Credits: Wikipedia) Waterfalls are one of the beautiful sights to behold during monsoon. Come rains and mountains adorn in a layer of green, tumbling down rainwater. As rains bring respite after terribly long summers, Mumbaikars rush to the nearest hill station to enjoy the season. Waterfalls are among the main attractions… Read More »

Try this: Spicy barbecued cuttlefish with cherry tomato & sprout salad

This spicy salad makes a good entrée, light meal or side dish for a barbecue or buffet. The cuttlefish can be marinated for several hours before cooking. Cherry Tomato & Sprout Salad Alternative species: Baby octopus (omit scoring, cut into quarters), squid, calamari. This spicy salad makes a good entrée, light meal or side dish… Read More »