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Why these scaly creatures make great pets

With such a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, fish make great pets for both children and adults. Greencross Vets veterinarian Dr Aivee Huynh explains why they are an ideal first pet and how best to look after them. “For children, fish are a fantastic way to teach them responsibility,” she said. “Kids can even… Read More »

Conserving These Endangered Prawns Is A Tasty Way To Protect People's Health

Restocking rivers in tropical and subtropical Africa with a large endangered freshwater prawn not only provides locals with a protein-rich food source, but it also breaks the deadly life cycle of schistosomiasis Fishing for the African river prawn, Macrobrachium vollenhovenii, in Senegal.(Credit: bioGraphic.) bioGraphic The African river prawn, Macrobrachium vollenhovenii, is a large commercially important… Read More »