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These Spicy Air Fried Chicken Fingers Will Be a Hit At Your Football Party

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5u0S5xZJxw Satisfying everyone’s taste buds during those weekly Sunday football parties is challenging. Thankfully, Kevin Curry, author of FitMenCook shared a new video on his YouTube channel that’s tasty, healthy, and perfect for the football season. Curry’s Air Fried Chicken Tenders only take 30 minutes to make, and yes, that includes cook and prep time,… Read More »

Why these scaly creatures make great pets

With such a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, fish make great pets for both children and adults. Greencross Vets veterinarian Dr Aivee Huynh explains why they are an ideal first pet and how best to look after them. “For children, fish are a fantastic way to teach them responsibility,” she said. “Kids can even… Read More »