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Gestalt Therapy Teaches You to Stay Present

Much of the time we focus on the past or the future. Our troubled minds obsess about what is going to happen next, so we do not get to experience in the present moment fully. When we’re feeling depressed, we often look back on what has happened, our perceived mistakes, or on how we’ve hurt… Read More »

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7 Easy Ways To Stay In Shape These Summer Holidays

Maximise your leisure time by sneaking fitness into your itinerary. Here are 7 super-easy ways to stay in shape on holiday this time round… 1. See The Sights On Foot Aside from saving on car rental and bus fare, you’re burning around 21kJ for every minute you spend hoofing it around town. Plus, walking strengthens… Read More »

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Water hacks to stay hydrated & healthy

You’ve probably been in a situation before where the one thing you crave over all else is something to drink, just any decent-tasting and not dangerous liquid to wet your lips and pass down your throat. While beer and wine have their charm, the one drink we should prize above all else is the simplest… Read More »

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