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Know Your Bugs

Did you know that trillions of bacteria, yeasts and fungi live in your gut and trillions more live on your skin. The organisms in our guts live in a symbiotic relationship with us. We give them shelter and food to eat and they assist in digestion and help us to access nutrients required for the… Read More »

How To Know If You Have A Blocked Chakra & How Sound Bath Meditations Can Help

As a wellness devotee, it’s likely you’ve heard of sound baths and chakras, but it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of them used in unison with meditation. But we can confirm it’s officially a thing—with ahead of the curve yoga brand Alo Yoga releasing a series of sound bath meditations with Phyllicia Bonanno—yoga teacher and reiki… Read More »

Alabama doctors want patients to know they’re still providing abortions

“For as long as we are able, we will continue to provide the full range of women’s health care,” Dr. Yashica Robinson, medical director at the Alabama Women’s Center in Huntsville, told reporters Friday, two days after the state’s Republican governor signed a law that could subject doctors who perform the procedure to 10 to… Read More »