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Medical News Today: Can naltrexone help with multiple sclerosis (MS)?

Naltrexone, in low doses, has recently become a popular drug for treating multiple sclerosis. This is an off-label use, and research into its effectiveness is still underway. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that damages the nerve cells. As it progresses, symptoms can get in the way of daily life and impair movement, speech, and… Read More »

How To Know If You Have A Blocked Chakra & How Sound Bath Meditations Can Help

As a wellness devotee, it’s likely you’ve heard of sound baths and chakras, but it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of them used in unison with meditation. But we can confirm it’s officially a thing—with ahead of the curve yoga brand Alo Yoga releasing a series of sound bath meditations with Phyllicia Bonanno—yoga teacher and reiki… Read More »